About Milford Preservation Trust

The Milford Preservation Trust was created in response to a threat to demolish the John Downs House, one of the most important historic structures in Milford.

A developer had submitted plans to replace the house with six new homes, a move that would have changed the fabric of Milford’s downtown historic district. The Trust, in conjunction with the City of Milford, helped secure a state grant to purchase the house from the owner and prevent demolition. Later, the taxpayers were repaid by selling part of the property to Milford Hospital, retaining the historic house for the people of Milford.

The Trust has placed informational signs memorializing people and places that contributed to Milford’s history, including the site where 200 American prisoners were put ashore by the British on New Year’s Day 1777, the John Downs House where Downs kept his diary for 47 years, and the presumed burial site of explorer Peter Pond, a hero of early Canada.

The Trust also monitors building proposals that might negatively affect the city’s historic buildings.

Our Mission

We Save Our overriding mission is to save Milford’s historic places and properties.

We Encourage the protection of what remains of our historic places by using federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

We Educate the public about Milford’s historic resources and ways to protect them.

We Assist groups and individuals with preservation questions and issues, large and small.

We Support other local and state groups and agencies working for the protection and preservation of historic places.

Who Benefits?  We all do. We want to keep Milford an attractive and desirable place to live and preserve the historical integrity and character of our city.

Preservation doesn’t cost, it pays!  It saves the future by preserving the past.

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