Success in Saving Milford’s History


January 17, 2014 by milfordpreservationtrust

One of Milford’s most historic structures is protected from demolitionKF_131212_018

After several months of dedicated effort, the Milford Preservation Trust led by President Regina Cahill, along with CT Trust for Historic Preservation, have succeeded at saving one of the few remaining 18th Century houses in Milford from demolition.  This house, listed on the National Register as the Thomas Sanford House but better known as the Sanford-Bristol House, is quite celebrated, having been written about in numerous articles and histories over a period of many years. It is distinctive in its 1/2 gambrel saltbox architectural style, may have Dutch influences, and is a state resource under Connecticut’s Environmental Protection Act,  better known as CEPA.

At great expense, the Milford Preservation Trust, Inc., along with our partner the CT Trust For Historic Preservation, Inc. sought relief in court under CEPA to prevent the demolition of the 1790 house. The CEPA act allows citizens to challenge unreasonable destruction of historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In November, the two Trusts reached a settlement with property owners  allowing the property to be sold to another party.  The sale of the Sanford-Bristol house confirms that selling a historic property to a new owner is a reasonable alternative to demolition.

The Milford Preservation Trust is most grateful to Helen Higgins, Executive Director of the CT Trust, and to Gregory Farmer, a circuit rider for the Connecticut Trust, for their steady hands and great support in saving this historic house and, consequently, the entire concept of historic districts for our state.

Our deepest gratitude is reserved for Milford resident Lesley Mills who came forward to purchase this historic home in Milford’s River Park National Historic District and Milford Historic District #1. This purchase will ensure that the Thomas Sanford House at 111-113 North Street will remain a source of pride for all residents and tourists of historic Milford for many years to come.

Paneling in the Sanford-Bristol House

Paneling in the

Side view of the Sanford- Bristol House

Side view of
the Sanford-
Bristol House

Fireplace in the Sanford- Bristol House

Fireplace in
the Sanford-
Bristol House

Preservation Trust Newsletter_Page_1_Image_0001

One thought on “Success in Saving Milford’s History

  1. Lesley Mills says:

    In the view of Griswold Home Care, a 30 year provider of personal care to seniors, the situations of old people and houses are similar: many are unappreciated and many are left to deteriorate, considered not worth the time for constant rehab, continued investment or renovation.Our intention is not to create a senior facility but to rent to Milfordians. We will bring to the Sanford Bristol house the thoughtfulness, consideration and economic benefit that we bring to all our clients for the same reasons: respect and because it is an honor for us to do so. Lesley Mills, owner, Griswold Home Care

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